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It's been a long time since Chris has been on the stage or in front of a camera.  During the late eighties in the New York East Village theater scene, Chris was a member of the Mesopotamian Opera Company, performing with them through the 90's in a host of shows where he played dozens of rather insane roles (various animals, Yahweh, entire armies, etc.).  Other theater highlights include a production of, "In Search of Strindberg" at The Actor's Studio where he and Viveca Lindfors shared the lead role of August Strindberg (followed by a tour of Sweden), and a production of, "Much Ado About Nothing" at Lincoln Center.   Represented in New York  by Syd Levin and Molly McCarthy,  his TV and film credits include Henry Jaglom's, "Last Summer in the Hamptons", the lead in the indie thriller, "A Killing", and a long running spot on the MTV Beach House promo, "Apocalypse Beach House", where he played Dennis Hopper's  character from "Apocalypse Now", supposedly to thunderous incoherent giggles from stoners sitting in front of their television sets across America.

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