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Jonas Ball received critical acclaim for his role as John Lennon’s lone assassin, Mark David Chapman, in, The Killing of John Lennon (OFFICIAL SELECTION 2007 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL (Winner), 2008 EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL 2008 BAFTA NOMINEE). He starred as a CIA operative in Dan Myrick’s sci-fi Afghani war thriller The Objective, and has gone on to work with other acclaimed independent filmmakers such as Nathan Silver and Gary Walkow. House of Sticks will mark his fourth lead in a feature and he just wrapped shooting The Meanest Man in Texas. He started acting at UCLA in the Shakespeare Group and continually studies with renowned acting coach John Kirby.  He has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and is currently in pre-production for WALNUTS the movie - a dark absurdist comedy and his first written/directed feature.

“Anchored by a fearless, commanding lead performance by newcomer Jonas Ball as deranged assassin Mark David Chapman, "The Killing of John Lennon" is a harrowing, impressionistic, widescreen tour-de-force that unfolds with the propulsive urgency of a scrapbook thrown into a howling wind.”

"Helmer Piddington finds a visual rhythm for Chapman's growing delusions that is, at once, frighteningly intense in its emotions and kaleidoscopically broad in its period feel. In Ball, he's found a young actor courageous enough to court the enmity of fans but with the chops to sell Chapman as a seething bundle of narcissistic contradictions: It's difficult to look away from him.”


Weekend: Aug. 18 - 20, 2006

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